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Craftsmanship & Technical Ingenuity

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Cowork Greenville is a beautiful space for independent collaboration

A Creative Work Community

Greenville is a Southern anomaly, a hotbed of technical entrepreneurship and creative talent. If you’re looking to create something meaningful, something unique, Greenville is a great place to call home.

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A Community of Makers

Whether you’re looking to join an innovative agency like Brains on Fire or team up with an engineering powerhouse like BMW, Greenville boasts a disproportionate share of big opportunities. If you're looking for a craftsman culture of independent creators, you're also in good company. A diversity of talented artists, designers, illustrators, and creators collaborate throughout Greenville’s downtown area, nearby arts district and shared work spaces like CoWork Greenville, White Whale Studios and the NEXT Innovation Center.

A Unique Opportunity for Startups

Great ideas don't just come to Greenville, they're born here too. Attend TEDx or Greenville Grok to hear ideas and see them in action. For example:

  • Zaarly - creating a new way for individuals to buy and sell
  • Proterra - developing the green, “bus of the future”
  • The Next Big Thing - an accelerator program providing seed funding and mentorship to promising tech startups
  • Bellstrike - providing instant websites for nonprofits