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Nearby apple orchards make for fun outings and delicious treats.

Hassle-free City Life


For some, getting from point A to point B is the worst part of the day. In Greenville, whether you're pedaling in the bike lane to the office or taking the free trolley from bistro to tapas bar, you'll find that getting from point A to point B can actually be a pleasure. With an idyllic, walkable downtown and a short drive to office parks, malls, and most anything else you need, Greenville provides unparalleled accessibility that won't leave you frustrated.

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The Price of Charm

Sure, you can search the stats and find that median home prices are a fraction of big city housing. But sometimes it's the little things in life. There's something to be said about meeting your spouse for a nice lunch overlooking the Reedy River - and walking out for under twenty bucks. Or meeting a client downtown - and parking a half block away for free. Some towns are cheap - you pay a little… and get just that. In Greenville you pay a little… and get so much more.

Good Neighbors

In the off chance you find the urge to pull yourself away from Greenville you’ll be glad to know that amazing experiences are only a short drive away. Get away to a cabin in the Blue Ridge mountains, lounge on the beaches of the lowcountry, or take in the big city attractions of nearby Atlanta and Charlotte. Being surrounded by such complementary neighbors only enhances the inherent charm that makes Greenville so attractive.